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A curated list with free resources crafted on top of Adminator, in Bootstrap, Flask, and Django. All resources are accessible on Github (MIT License).

A modern and colorful dashboard with charts and widgets, all provided by Adminator.
Adminator - Open-Source Dashboard Template

Hello! This article presents Adminator, an open-source dashboard template available for download on Github under the MIT License. The product is also available in Flask and Django enhanced with authentication, database, and deployment scripts via Docker. For newcomers, Adminator is a responsive Admin Template crafted by ColorLib that provides a nice collection of widgets, charts, code snippets, and custom pages for almost anything. Thanks for reading!

Gif animated presentation of Adminator, an open-source dashboard template available on Github.
Adminator - Open-Source Dashboard Template

✨ UI presentation

Adminator is one of the best open-source admin dashboard & control panel themes. Built on top of Bootstrap, Adminator provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components. The kit provides sample pages for almost anything: charts, maps, dashboard, authentication pages, UI components (forms, buttons).

UI Elements Page with buttons and forms, all provided by Adminator Dashboard.
Adminator - UI Elements Page
Adminator - Calendar App
Calendar app with many interactive controls, all provided by Adminator Dashboard.
Adminator - Calendar App

✨ Adminator Django

This open-source starter crafted on top of Adminator is powered by Django, a leading web framework versioned and actively supported by experienced developers and an impressive open-source community.  

Product Features: authentication, database, deployment scripts, Pythonic footprint, MIT license, free support via email and Discord.

A colorful charts page provided by Adminator, an useful and production-ready Django Seed product.
Adminator - Django Version

✨ Adminator Flask

Flask is a lightweight WSGI web application framework. It is designed to make getting started quick and easy, with the ability to scale up to complex applications. Classified as a microframework, Flask is written in Python and it does not require particular tools or libraries.

This codebase provides all bare-minimum essentials to start fast in Flask: authentication, ORM, modular design with blueprints and Docker support.

A colorful maps page provided by Adminator, an useful and production-ready Flask Seed product.
Adminator - Flask Version

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