AppSeed is Growing - 5k Registered Users

AppSeed is a community-driven service that provides production-ready starters using in-house automation tools.

5k+ Registered Users Milestone - AppSeed App Generator
5k+ Registered Users Milestone - AppSeed App Generator

Hello coders! We are happy to announce that AppSeed reached this month an important milestone - 5k Registered Users, via organic growth (no paid ads). The main pillar of this achievement was our Discord Community which trust us and provided feedback when our products were released with issues and imperfections.

Even now, after 3 years since this project was LIVE, AppSeed has many things to improve at all levels, but at the same time, we've helped small companies, freelancers, and beginners to code their projects with less effort.

Here is our simple receipt to reach this point:

  • πŸ‘‰ Provide quality in all cases
  • πŸ‘‰ Listen to all users Β 
  • πŸ‘‰ If possible, help anyone
  • πŸ‘‰ Focus on community, not money
  • πŸ‘‰ Allocate time to R&D activities
  • πŸ‘‰ Instant refund when a customer wants his money back. When this happens, we know that is entirely our fault.

And the last rule, and probably the most important one, is the keep the service OPEN to anyone. All our products (free, paid starters, support, and the LIVE Generator) can be used without an account.

Before presenting our latest tools and development directions, please meet the core team that puts a lot of effort to make this service get better every single day.

AppSeed Core Team - 2022.Jun
AppSeed Core Team - 2022.Jun

For those that are still here, I will mention a few tools that we've recently developed for the community:

πŸ‘‰ Dynamic API Service

This feature simplifies the effort of coding an API interface over an existing model for a Django project. Using this feature, any model can be managed via a secure API interface powered by DRF (Django REST Framework) with a minimal coding effort:

  • Step #1 - Write the model definition (if required)
  • Step #2 - Activate the API exposure in the configuration
  • Step #3 - Migrate the application using the usual flow

Once all the above steps are executed, the Dynamic API exposes CRUD (C-reate, R-ead, U-pdate, D-elete) actions over the data. For a complete presentation of this feature please access this blog article.

Dynamic API - A new feature provided by AppSeed
Dynamic API - A new feature provided by AppSeed

πŸ‘‰ Dynamic DataTables

In this feature, the information is presented using a paginated layout where the users are able to manage, search end export the information using the same steps:

  • Step #1 - Write the model definition (if required)
  • Step #2 - Activate the API exposure in the configuration
  • Step #3 - Migrate the application using the usual flow

Once the model is activated in the configuration, a few really nice features are available out-of-the-box:

  • Create, update and delete items
  • Server-side search
  • Items per/page control
  • Server-side pagination - useful on large data sets
  • Export in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats with the option to remove specific columns. Β 

A full video presentation that includes Dynamic API and Dynamic Datatables is available on yTube:

AppSeed - Dynamic API and Data Tables

πŸ‘‰ LIVE Generator

As mentioned before, the service can be used without an account, and the generated sources are released under the MIT license (free for commercial use).

How it works:
  • Users select a design
  • Choose a preferred backend - for now, only Flask and Django are supported
  • Configure the database persistence and deployment layer
  • Confirm the action and get the code (ZIP archive or Github repository)

The service, in the last 30 days successfully generate ~900 projects using different patterns and UI kits: Datta Able, Soft Dashboard, Material Kit, Volt Bootstrap 5. Β Curious minds can access this yTube material that demonstrates how to generate a Flask Dashboard and deploy the project on HEROKU in a few minutes.

Generate and Deploy a Flask Dashboard to HEROKU

Well, in the end, we want to thank again all our users and partners that trust us since day one and help us to reach this important milestone.

Because all started with the community, we want to end it in the same way and provide a 50%OFF Discount applicable for all products and licenses via the coupon:

5Kparty (Coupon to be used during the checkout)
AppSeed - 5k Users party
AppSeed - 5k Users party

Thanks for reading! For free products and support, feel free to access: