Bootstrap Template Free Download - Pixel Lite

A modern, accessibility-first Bootstrap Template available for download in many flavors: HTML, Flask, and Django - MIT License (unlimited copies).

Bootstrap Template Free Download - Pixel Lite

This article presents Pixel Lite, an open-source Bootstrap 5 Template available for download in three flavors: HTML (original design), Flask and Django. The product has a modern, accessibility-first design crafted on top of Bootstrap 5, the most popular CSS/JS framework. Starters can be downloaded directly from Github (without a registration lock) and used for unlimited hobby and commercial ย end-products. ย Thanks for reading!

Pixel Lite, a modern Bootstrap 5 Template available for download from Github.
Bootstrap Template - Pixel Lite

Pixel is a jQuery-free Bootstrap 5 based user interface kit featuring over 80 fully coded UI elements and example pages that might help you code faster a new project using pre-built assets. To make easier the customization of the used colors and other styling properties the project comes with SASS source files and gulp automation.

80+ Bootstrap Components - Pixel is an extension of the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework with a focus on heavy styling customization but also with components that are not found by default in the framework, such as new cards, date pickers, timeline items, and the example pages that weโ€™ve crafted.

Accessibility - Pixel is built with a focus on accessibility, thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve carefully selected the best color scheme for a good contrast for the elements.

Pre-built pages - Pixel Lite comes with a few beautiful pages like login, register, freelancer, about and contact.

Pixel Lite Features - Open-source Bootstrap Template available for download.
Bootstrap 5 Template - App Features.

Pixel Flask Version

Flask version of Pixel Lite is also available for download without a registration lock directly from Github (public repository). The starter is a super simple Flask app generated with an SQLite database, ORM and session-based authentication. To see the product in action, please access:

  • ๐Ÿ‘‰ Pixel Lite Flask - project sources (published on Github)
  • ๐Ÿ“ž Free Support for AppSeed registered users
Pixel Lite is an Pixel-Perfect open-source design available for download for free.
Bootstrap 5 template - Mobile View.

Pixel Django Version

Django version of Pixel Lite comes with a few features that might help beginners to code faster a new product on top of a simple codebase enhanced already with authentication, and deployment scripts.

Pixel Lite provides a beautiful Timeline Component available for download.
Bootstrap 5 Template - Timeline Component. 

To use the projects in a local environment a minimal development kit of libraries and tools should be properly installed and accessible in the terminal.

  • A modern editor - VSCode or Atom
  • Nodejs - used in Javascript-based products and tools
  • Yarn - a popular package manager for NodeJS (probably better than NPM)
  • Python - a modern script language used for many types of projects
  • GIT - a command-line tool used to download sources from Github
  • Gulp - a toolkit to automate repetitive tasks

Once we have all these tools the next step is to follow up the build instructions provided by the README files for each project.

Pixel Bootstrap Template - Section Component
Beautiful Section Component available for download with Pixel Lite design.
Pixel Lite - Section Component.
Pixel Bootstrap Template - Contact Page
Beautiful Map/Contact Component available for download with Pixel Lite design.
Pixel Lite - Map Component.

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