Bulma CSS - Dashkit Dashboard available in three flavors

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This article presents a beautiful admin dashboard crafted on top of Bulma CSS Dashkit Dashboard Kit by CssNinja.

Note: The products listed are provided under commercial licenses by the vendors. Thanks for reading!

Bulma CSS Dashboard Dashkit - Main panel screen.

The HTML Dashkit version has been ported to Flask and Django frameworks, based on the partnership between CssNinja and AppSeed. The coded versions in Python comes with a basic set of features, database, ORM, helpers and deployment scripts. The features will be detailed later on in this article.

Bulma CSS

Bulma is a modern CSS framework based on Flexbox styled in a single CSS file: bulma.css. You can either use that file, "out of the box", or download the Sass source files to customize the variables.

There is no JavaScript included. People generally want to use their own JS implementation (and usually already have one). Bulma can be considered "environment agnostic": it's just the style layer on top of the logic.

Dashkit Bulma Dashboard

Dashkit is an incredible Bulma dashboard that comes with numerous customisable and reusable components. They are designed to fit as many purposes as possible. They are also easy to customize and to combine with other components.

Dashkit features a set of reusable data widgets and a set of social widgets. These widgets can be uses on every page of your dashboard. Of course, these widget libraries will grow with future updates.

34 demo pages are available in this version but you have enough elements and additional components provided by Bulkit to start your projects. More demo pages will be added in future updates.


Dashkit Bulma Dashboard - UI Cards Page.

Flask Dashkit

Commercial Admin Dashboard coded in Flask Framework on top of Dashkit Dashboard design (PRO Version) designed by CssNinja Agency. App features:

  • SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy ORM
  • Alembic (DB schema migrations)
  • Modular design with Blueprints
  • Session-Based authentication (via flask_login), Forms validation
  • Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx, Heroku

Flask Dashkit - Commercial Admin dashboard coded in Flask and Bulma CSS.

Django Dashkit Dashboard

Commercial Admin Dashboard coded in Django Framework on top of Dashkit Dashboard design (PRO Version) designed by CssNinja Agency. Features:

  • UI-Ready app, SQLite Database, Django Native ORM
  • Modular design, clean code-base
  • Session-Based Authentication, Forms validation
  • Deployment scripts: Heroku, Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx

Django Dashkit Dashboard - Commercial admin panel coded in Django and Bulma Css.

Thanks for reading! For more information please access the AppSeed platform or talk with us LIVE on Discord.  

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