Bulma CSS Resources - A Curated List

Hello Coders,

This article is about Bulma CSS and related resources. In case you decide to experiment and built something with this CSS Framework, this article can be really useful.

First goes first. What is Bulma CSS?

Bulma CSS is a free, open-source, lightweight and stylish CSS framework made by Jeremy Thomas. Built on top of Flexbox, with more than 35k Github stars and used by 150k developers. Impressive, right?  

Where to start:

Live Bulma CSS Templates

In case you decide to move forward, it's much easier to use a starter, or to buy a template. Here is the list:

Real life Samples, built with Bulma

For a full list, please access the official Bulma Expo. This short list contain only a few Bulma apps. Let's go:

Get Bedtime Stories

The bedtime story app for families - Made with Bulma Css

Getbedtimestories.com - App made with Bulma CSS.


A creative web agency - Made with Bulma Css

ySimplicity.com - App made with Bulma CSS.


Free Web App - Built with Bulma CSS

BulmaPlay - Free App made with Bulma CSS.


Porfolio Website - Built with Bulma CSS

mynameismirko.it - App made with Bulma CSS.


Free web app - Built with Bulma CSS

BulmaLanding - App made with Bulma CSS.


Web Agency - A Smart One

RecycledRobot - App made with Bulma CSS.

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