BulmaPlay - Free JAMStack App built with Bulma CSS

Hello Coders,

What is Bulma CSS?

Bulma CSS It is one of the first CSS frameworks to have implemented a full-fledged flexbox grid. Except this, it has a huge selection of components needed to code any kind of website. Bulma comes with a beautiful range of colors out-of-the-box and it won’t be wrong if we call it the most beautiful framework out there in the market. It can be used directly to get really nice looking websites with very least effort.

I'm not a CSS guru, but I had the feeling that I need to move away from Bootstrap and I've landed, around Bulma CSS. The Flexbox foundation, documentation and a few related articles convince me to give it a try.

Because  I didn't find something useful and production-ready I decide to build my own web app and release it as a free asset. This is the result:

BulmaPlay - Built with Bulma CSS

JamStack BulmaPlay Web App - Built with Bulma CSS

BulmaPlay Wep App features:

Bulma CSS resources:

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