Codecamp Spring 2019 - my full-stack picks on Javascript

I'm always missing the Spring edition of Codecamp in Iasi. Always something unexpected comes in the way. I promise I'll do my best in November to be in Iasi.

So if you are this weekend in Iasi and you like Javascript or learning about full-stack development you can get some nice insights about critical pieces of the development process.

Here are my picks on the tomorrow public Codecamp session in Iasi.


08:00 - 09:15

The best day starts always with a coffee and getting the vibes around with some networking. Start with that and don't forget to have some breaks. It will be a long day!

Keynote: Rise of the Machines: Can Artificial Intelligence Terminate Manual Testing?

AI / RPA / IoT #1 10:00 - 10:30
/  Tariq King

I was always interested in automation and how AI can change my world. And then the rest of the world. Tariq is a great speaker and has experience around this. Would go to hear him and catch him after. Networking works the best.

Tariq King (following him on Twitter!) I'm not a stalker!

Tariq King says that breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are challenging our thinking about the types of problems that machines can tackle. Can AI discoveries—a machine that masters a game like Go or autonomously drives an unmanned vehicle—help us find better solutions for automated oracles, test generation, system modeling, and defect discovery?

Adopting Microservices with GitOps

Engineering #4 11:00 - 11:45
/  Daniel Patriche

K8s architecture. Love it how it transforms a dev into a a devops!

This is the best thing you can do today. Either because a lot of companies start using it and you can find it on job's requirements or because you want to really deliver faster and better quality. Daniel will walk you through his company's experience on the road to container-based microservices, a feature which is released internally as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, all based around a single clear ideology: GitOps, or in other words, Git as the source of truth.    You’ll learn how any kind of change in our system is done through a git commit and/or Merge request.

Building Event Streaming API with Nakadi

Engineering #4 14:00 - 14:45
/  George Ghimici

I've used this in several project with Redis, RabbitMQ, on Node JS. It's important when your api needs to scale and things start growing.

Pushing data out from the application to clients can be a tricky problem to solve.     Traditional solutions that include constant API interrogation, web hooks, database dumps or direct access to data set replicas can do the job but with their disadvantages such as low performance, endpoint timeouts and systems coupling .    In this presentation we will discuss about how to enable streaming of events using Nakadi technology and provide a subscription mechanism for receiving data events in near real time through a convenient RESTful API.

Performant React apps with Server-side Rendering

Frontend #8 14:00 - 14:45
/  Royee Shemesh

14:00 will be a hard time for me but I will change the previous speaking  about Event Streaming API to this. Cause I'm all in love with React and I actually want to know more about it. Not only because we have a React full-stack kit.

React Logo

At first, there were static web pages, and it was good. Then came jQuery, and all other front-end frameworks like Angular and Ember, and they also were good. As the complexity of our Single Page Applications increased, so did the size of the files that we need to run them, and this was not that good... Therefore we must seek some of our old methods of rendering pages (or parts of pages) statically.    The idea of sending a single HTML file with bunch of JS files holding all the required logic to load data and manipulate the DOM was perfect.    But, the applications became bigger and bigger and webpack came to help bundling everything together and very few JS files instead of much larger number of them.    And then again, the bundled files themselves became bigger and bigger, which led to page load issues and unnecessary logic sent to client as part of the whole application just for rendering the first page.    This led webpack to come up with chunks, to lazy load the other parts which are not important for the initial rendering, and you see where it goes…    So why not taking full advantage of a single-page-application concept together with some server side rendering to make load time amazingly fast, and all that with our favorite son, React.js.    This lecture is all about SSR and how to take advantage of it along with your React.js applications to build application that reacts faster!

State management in React using Context and Hooks APIs

Frontend #8 15:00 - 15:45
/  Vlad Zelinschi

Again another React session. Can't wait to see what Vlad has prepared and how we can become better at this.

Redux is one of the most popular approaches to state management in React applications. However, it comes with a decent amount of boilerplate plus it often ends up being used everywhere, no matter the context or app size. This talk explores a bare-bones alternative approach to state management that is suitable for small/medium apps as well as define the pros and cons when compared to Redux. We will live code relying on the latest versions of context and hooks React APIs. Don’t miss if you want to see how much simpler managing state can become.

End the day with The Monolith vs Service World

Architecture #3 17:00 - 17:45
/  Mihai Balanișcu

Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture

Deploying on every commit is impressive. Having multiple development teams working on same code base and exposing new API or updating existing ones is also amazing. But there is a chance that this approach is not the best one for the problem you have to solve. Stop using everything as a silver bullet for the problems you try to solve and approach every problem as a unique and individual task that you have to solve in the best possible way.

JavaScript code transformation - AST

Frontend #8 17:00 - 17:45
/  Comanici Paul

I have some doubts about the monolith one so I would like to get a backup. Maybe I'll switch to the Javascript AST one since it has some new things for me.

AST's can help aid in learning how programming works by quickly seeing the progression of code through a program.  From this talk, you'll have a great insight as to the wonders of an AST, and how it can be applied in JavaScript world.

Let's not forget about the pieces on the cake(literally):

1.Party Time At the end of the day there is a night party. The best thing is that you can find speakers and the best people to learn from and do some networking. I never missed that!

2.Rubik's Hub - Startup track at 11th floor - Never missed it until now. You can find a nice community of makers there and learn from them. The also have a Startup Alley! Sorry I can't be there with you!

Rubik Hub, IAȘI 6th April 2019, 11th Floor Hotel International

Hope you will enjoy the day at Hotel International in Iasi and learn a tone of things either in Javascript, full-stack, startups or just code.

In case you don't have time to go to the conference you can try some freebies of full-stack code on

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