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Full Stack App, modules: Authentication, Helpers, Database

Full Stack App - Material Dashboard

What is CodeIgniter?

Codeigniter is an open source development framework which follows the MVC framework pattern. Its goal is to give you the easy and proper way to develop the project much faster than you could do. Reasons to use it in your projects: easy to learn, MVC structure, helpers and libraries included and a huge community .. and speed.

Full-Stack App Generator

Build React, Vue Apps integrated with Laravel backend in no-time.

Design Argon Dashboard by

Start your development with a Dashboard for Bootstrap 4. It is open source, free and it features many components that can help you create amazing websites bu using more than 100 Handcrafted Components and 6 example pages.

AppSeed Enhancements:

Design: Argon Dashboard (Creative-Tim design)

Framework: CodeIgniter (latest stable version 3.1.9)

Features: Theme based architecture, helpers, authentication, registration, assets config file.

Free Support and Updates (registered users only)

Demo: Full Stack App Argon Dashboard

Github Sources: Argon Dashboard Full Stack App  

This full stack app (released under MIT license) help developers to focus on specific web app features without reinventing the wheel.

If something is missing, give us a call. We might do it in the near future.

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