CodeIgniter 3.1.10 Released - Still relevant in 2019?

Few words about this old (Php) warrior: present and future

Hello coders,

We are in ian.2019. CodeIgniter 3.1.10 released today with "with some changes and some bug fixes". Updates summary:

Changes: added ‘ssl_verify’ support to the ‘pdo/mysql’ Database driver; renamed Inflector Helper function 'is_countable()' to 'word_is_countable()' due to the former colliding with one introduced in PHP 7.3.0

Bug fixes: Database library, caching, forge, & mysqli driver; form validation, session & XML-RPC libraries; captcha helper.

According to Google trends, Laravel it's the most proficient Php framework with more than 40% in the Php Frameworks market share. Looking at this update, personally, I wonder if CodeIgniter has a future. Anyway, time will decide, but IMHO this update is not a game changer. The reality in 2019 is:

Full Stack App - Material Dashboard

CodeIgniter market share in 2018

We can see that Symphony & CodeIgniter are going down, Laravel goes up, and Zend & Cake hit the ground. There are several reasons a developer would want to choose a framework, most notably because they offer a structured, efficient fast-track towards developing web applications or APIs.

Unfortunately, CodeIgniter still has issues and is not covering basic features (in my opinion) like:

- authentication (Ion-Auth can be easily integrated .. but require extra work)
- powerful ORM (like Propel)  
- good templating (like Laravel Blade)

Anyway, I'm still using CodeIgniter in my projects (but not for long, because I will move all my development to Flask):

- speed
- lightweight.
- easy to customize & extend
- gradual learning curve.

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