Convert Bootstrap to Bulma.css

Hello Coders,

I've landed on during my research on Nuxt and PWA web apps. After running all starters, using Express combined with all UI containers, finnaly I've chosen Bulma / Buefy frameworks.

My reasons are:

1. Bulma is based on Flexbox. Buefy is just a framework that adds Vue.js flavor on top of Bulma. .. quite #cool, I must say.  Both are very well documented and looks quite good. Nuxt CLI let you choose Bulma or Buefy, but I prefer to use Buefy directly because Bulma offers only a CSS.

2. Page loading speed. After building a  PWA starter with Nuxt and Buefy and deploy it on my server, .. the first instinct was to test the speed with Google  Lighthouse tool. I was using two deployments, PWA and SSR. The results are quite identical and #impressive at the same time.

The live results.. ( feel free to test it yourself here for PWA and here for SSR):

PWA / SSR - using Nuxt / Express and Buefy starter (sources here):

After this 10-min R&D experiment, I've decided to start using Buefy in production and build a tool that converts automatically Bootstrap themes to Bulma / Buefy.  

Thank you for reading!

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