Argon Free Design System

Production ready components (HTML and Php) extracted from Argon Design System

Full Stack App - Material Dashboard

Product description (from Creative-Tim):

Argon - Free and open source system for Bootstrap4 - Start your development with a Design System for Bootstrap 4. It is open source, free and it features.

Full-Stack App Generator

Build React, Vue Apps integrated with Flask or Node.js backends in no-time.

Goodies from us:

The normalized index file is available on @Github. [ find out more about HTML normalization here ]
Meta information for the index file in JSON format to have easier access to the page assets.
Components (extracted from index) in plain HTML - samples: section top, team.
Components (extracted from the index) for PHP usage
Extracted components can be used with drag & drop in any web application.
Hardcoded strings are stripped from the component and saved into associated JSON file.

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