Dashkit PRO - Jinja Template

A modern Bulma CSS design is now available for download as a Jinja Template - Dashkit Dashboard designed by CssNinja.

Dashkit PRO - Jinja Template

This article presents a new product crafted on top of Bulma and Flask - Dashkit PRO Jinja. This commercial product (designed by CssNinja) comes with a beautiful design, pre-built pages and a reusable set of components and widgets.  For newcomers Jinja is a popular template engine for Python able to generate HTML or XMl files dynamically.

Dashkit - Styled with Bulma.

Design Features

Handcrafted UI - Dashkit is not another generic template. It has a strong personality and is built with the Bulma CSS framework.

Modular Code - Dashkit's code is modular and lets you easily add and remove elements, to match your business specifications.

Solid Layouts -Multiple and different layouts are available to kickstart your app, like Chat, CRM and analytics products.

Product Screens

Dashkit is provided with many pre-built pages like analytics pages, social feed, user profile page and authentication pages.

Dashkit - Widgets Page
Dashkit - Widgets Page.
Dashkit - BillboardJS Charts
Dashkit - BilboardJS Charts. 
Dashkit - User Profile Page.
Dashkit - User Profile Page.

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