Automatic HTML theme parser

We've written a tool that automatically extracts components for Laravel, CodeIgniter, Flask Or Vue.js

Hello Coders, " Production ready components .. hmmm, sounds strange. What is that ?! I'm a developer, I'm a designer. I don't need it."

Yep, maybe you don't need it, but first just answer yourself if sentence "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" sounds familiar. This sentence appears quite often in the HTML templates.

Also, without this sentence, the HTML components are full with hardcoded texts. Without hardcoded texts, the HTML theme providers don't sell. So, in case you want to use a component, you need to do some work:

- isolate the component
- remove hardcoded text
- inject your own variables

In order to help the developers, we've built a tool that does all those steps for you. Basically, our tools execute the steps:

- isolate components
- create an associate JSON file with meta information
- parse the components (using Beautiful Soup almighty) and replace the hardcoded texts with real programming variables
- save the hardcoded texts into JSON file, for later use.
- Translate the components to be used in Laravel, CodeIgniter React or Vue.

Update: Argon Design Enhanced released on @Github aprox. 20 components. Each component has an associated JSON file with the original strings.

Plain HTML components
Blade (Laravel) components
Jinja2 (Flask) components
Raw Php components

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