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An open-source tool that generates secure APIs on top of Django and DRF - Sources published on GitHub under MIT License.

Django API Generator - Latest Updates (API View)
Django API Generator - Latest Updates (API View)

Hello! This open-source tool has been updated to provide a sample API-View page that allows interaction with the generated (API) Service. Once Django API Generator starts, the generated API can be used in two ways: using 3rd party tools like POSTMAN and also in the application pages using JS code that implements all CRUD requests. Being released under MIT License, the source can be incorporated into other projects (open-source or commercial).  Thanks for reading!

The fastest way to use the tool is to start it in Docker via a single command:

👉 Step 1 - Download the code from the GH repository (using GIT)
$ git clone
$ cd devtool-django-api-generator
👉 Step 2 - Start the APP in Docker
$ docker-compose up --build

Visit http://localhost:5085 in your browser. By default, a simple Books Model is used as a sample.

  • The generated DRF API is live at http://localhost:5085/api/books
  • Registered users can interact with the API using the API-View page
Django API Generator - API-View Page (free tool)
Django API Generator - API-View Page (free tool)

A video presentation that explains the product usage, the relevant parts of the source code, and how to define and generate a new API can be found on YouTube:

Django API Generator - Open-Source Tool

Thanks for reading!  For more resources and support, please access: