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Hello Coders,

Thank you for landing on this page. My name is Adrian (aka Sm0ke) and in this short article, I will present an open-source admin panel generated by the AppSeed platform in Django Web Framework using automation tools, HTML parsing and boilerplate code. The source code is published on Github, under the MIT license, and the project might be a good starting point for students, beginners or any other programmer to start a new hobby or commercial project.

Links: Django Dashboard Material, source code and yTube presentation

This admin panel, comes with a basic set of features and modules:

  • UI-Ready, Modular design and a clean and tested code-base
  • Database: SQLite, Native Django ORM
  • Session-Based Authentication (login, register)
  • Fields validation for used forms (login, register)
  • UI Kit (with RTL support): Material Dashboard provided by Creative-Tim agency

Django Dashboard Material - Open-Source Admin Panel coded in Django.

How to use the app

As mentioned before, the source code is available on Github, and to build the app we need to type just a few commands in the terminal:

Note for beginners: The workstation must have  Python3 and GIT command tool installed. For full build instructions please access the product page.
$ # Get the code
$ git clone
$ cd django-dashboard-material
$ # Install modules
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ # Create tables
$ python makemigrations
$ python migrate
$ # Start the application (development mode)
$ python runserver # default port 8000

We should see the app running,by visiting in browser. The application, redirect the guests to the login screen, in order to protect the private dashboard pages. If all goes well, we should see the login page:

Django Dashboard Material - Login Page

The app has no default user, but we can create one using the registration page:

Django Dashboard Material - Register Page

If we succeed to create and authenticate, the app will redirect us to the main dashboard page, and all menus, previously hidden, now are visible.

Django Dashboard Material - Main Dashboard Page

A few words about the code structure. The app has three modules: core, authentication and app:

  • Core module - is responsible to loads the assets, keep all pages in the same page in the folder templates
  • Authentication handles user registration and login
  • App module will serve the requests by loading the corespondent files from templates / pages directory. If the user is not authenticated, the module will redirect the request to the login page

This simple admin panel can be extended with ease to have more features like:more pages, real provisioning of charts with real data, add RECAPTCHA protection to the login / registration forms, add social login.

LIVE support provided for paid plans - for more information please access the product page.

Thank you!

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