Django Extended User, Change Password, Self Deletion - Soft PRO Dashboard

Premium Django Starter crafted with authentication, helpers, and Docker support - new features: change password, delete account.

Django Soft Dashboard PRO - Change Password, Self Deletion.
Django Soft Dashboard PRO - Change Password, Self Deletion.

Hello! This article presents the latest evolutions of Django Soft Dashboard (premium version), a popular starter built on top of a Bootstrap 5 design. In the latest version, the registered users are able to update their passwords and self-delete their accounts.

All new features are presented in a short video published on YouTube. Here is the transcript:

  • ✅ Register and authenticate a new user
  • ✅ Edit the profile
  • ✅ Update the password and test the feature
  • ✅ Authenticate using a superuser account
  • ✅ Visualize the registered users
Django Update Password, Self Account Deletion

For those familiar with Docker, a 2nd video that explains how to compile and start the product in less than one minute is also provided.

Start Django App in Docker - Soft Dashboard PRO

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