Django For Beginners - Docs Tutorial

Learn how to code a super simple Django project - a soft introduction in Django for beginners.

Django For Beginners - Docs Tutorial

Hello Coders! We have published a new tutorial for beginners that covers a few basic topics related to Django superpowers. For newcomers, Django is a popular framework built by experienced developers, actively supported by an impressive open-source community.  Django comes with batteries included concept and provides modules to handle the database, authentication, built-in security, plus a powerful command-line interface to interact with our projects.  Thanks for reading!

Django For Beginners - yTube Presentation.

Topics Covered

  • Install Python - learn how to check in the terminal the Python version
  • How to manage the dependencies of a new project
  • What editor to use? we've mention VsCode, Vim, and Atom.
  • Get to work: generate the first Django project
  • Create a new Django application and code the first route
  • Define and manage our new Django Model
  • Access the admin section
  • Make accessible the "Books" model in the admin section

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