Django Pixel Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 Design (Updated)

Pixel PRO, a premium Bootstrap 5 design from Themesberg, now available in Django with basic modules, database, authentication and deploy scripts.

Django Pixel Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 Design (Updated)

Django Pixel PRO, a popular seed project generated by AppSeed on top of Pixel Pro design from Themesberg got an important update: now the UI uses Bootstrap 5.0.1 stable version and minor improvements regarding the Django codebase. For newcomers, Pixel Pro is a premium Bootstrap 5 UI Kit without jQuery featuring over 1000 components, 50+ sections, and 35 example pages including a fully-fledged user dashboard.

A coloful product cared with charts, widgets and an image of a cute girl in the backend, all provided by Pixel Pro design (Django version).
Pixel PRO - Premium Bootstrap 5 Design, now available in Django.

Pixel PRO - UI Information

Version 5 of Pixel Pro no longer have jQuery included and all libraries and scripts are now Vanilla JS reducing overall loading time and simplifying integration into other front-end web technologies like Vue or React.  

1000+ components created using the Object-Oriented CSS principle, which means that the classes can be combined with each other making the creation of new elements an easy job even for beginners.

50+ Sections - sections are built from components and Pixel PRO provides a rich set that covers navigation bars, footers, about sections, contact sections, and many more.

35 Example Pages - Pixel Pro comes with many pre-built pages for almost anything, plus a fully-fledged dashboard with beautiful charts and widgets.  

A nice vintage portret on top of the image and nice typography below, all provided by Pixel PRO Django seed project.
Pixel PRO - Freelancer Page
Django Pixel Pro - Crypto Page
A dark-themed page with a funny cartoon character on the left, all provided by Pixel PRO Django, a premium seed project crafted by AppSeed and Themesberg.
Django Pixel PRO - crypto Page.
Django Pixel PRO - Blog Page
A nice blog index page with a top tile and a blog card with an image on left and Text on the right, all provided by Django Pixel PRO.
Django Pixel PRO - Blog Index Page. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Django Pixel PRO comes with an open-source version available for download on the product page, without a registration lock.  The product has the same UI, but fewer pages and components.

The product is actively supported and versioned by Themesberg and AppSeed, plus free support via email and Discord (for registered users).

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