Django Routing - Learn Django by Coding

A soft introduction to Django Routing System for beginners - Free Sample provided on Github.

Django Routing - Learn Django by Coding

Hello Coders! This article presents the latest tutorial published in our official documentation: Django Routing Sample. The docs provide all necessary steps required by a Django project to implement three routes: a default route that shows a simple Hello World, a 2nd route that displays a random number at each page refresh, and the last route that shows a random image pulled from the internet. The source code can be downloaded from Github (MIT License) - Thanks for reading!

The default page served by Django projects right after the initial set up.
Django - Default Page

Topics Covered

The Django Routing docs cover a few useful topics for beginners:

An image for a really cute cat returned to the user by Django Routing Sample, an open-source project crafted by AppSeed.
Django Routing - A random image returned to the user.

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