Django Star Admin

Open-source Django dashboard crafted on top of Star Admin 2, a modern design crafted by BootstrapDash - Product can be downloaded from Github (MIT License).

A colorful dashboard provided by Star Admin, an open-source Django Dashboard.
Star Admin - Open-Source Django Project

Hello! This article presents an open-source Django Dashboard that has all the ready-to-use bare minimum essentials: database, authentication, Docker support, and a modern Bootstrap 5 design: Star Admin 2. The product can be downloaded from Github and used for unlimited hobby & commercial products. For newcomers, Star Admin is an iconic template recently migrated to Bootstrap 5, and Django is a leading framework actively supported and versioned by programming experts. Thanks for reading!

GIF animated presentation of Django Star Admin, a modern open-source seed project crafted by AppSeed.
Star Admin Django - Open-Source Seed Project.

✨ Product Features

This simple project comes with basic features, up-to-date dependencies, and a modern Bootstrap 5 design that was released for free by BootstrapDash.

  • 👉 Up-to-date dependencies: Django 3.2.6 LTS
  • 👉 SCSS compilation via Gulp
  • 👉 UI Kit: Star Admin 2 (Free Version) by BootstrapDash
  • 👉 Session-Based Authentication, Forms validation
  • 👉 Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx
  • 👉 Support via Github and Discord.

The product can be used and compiled in a local environment in multiple ways. Probably the most simple one is via Docker.

✨ Start In Docker

Django Star Admin comes with a simple Docker configuration that starts the project using Gunicorn behind an Nginx proxy. Let's follow the setup as suggested in the project README and see the project in action.

👉 Step #1 - Clone Sources

$ git clone
$ cd django-star-admin 

Star Admin Django - Clone Sources

👉 Step #2 - Start in Docker

$ docker-compose up --build

Star Admin Django - Start in Docker

Once all the above commands are executed, we should be able to access the project in the browser at the address http://localhost:85.

A simple and minimalistic login form provided by Star Admin, an open-source Django Seed Project.
Star Admin Django - Login Page

✨ Generate via CookieCutter

The same codebase can be generated and started using the popular CookieCutter tool. During the generation process, the sources are downloaded from a remote repository and configured locally to match the user choices.

👉 Step #1 - Install cookiecutter tool

$ pip install cookiecutter

CookieCutter - Install via PIP

👉 Step #2 - Generate the code via Django Cookie Cutter

$ cookiecutter
>>> project_name [Django Seed project]: Django Star Admin
>>> project_slug [django_star_admin]:
>>> description [A simple Django project]:
>>> author_name [AppSeed]: your name
>>> domain_name []: localhost
>>> email []:
>>> version [0.0.1]:
>>> Select theme:
1 - volt
2 - soft-ui
3 - datta-able
4 - material-dashboard
5 - star-admin
Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [1]: 5      <----- Select STAR ADMIN design
>>> Select database:
1 - sqlite3
2 - mysql
3 - postgresql
>>> Choose from 1, 2, 3 [1]:
database_name [appseed_django]:
database_user [appseed_user]:
database_pass [Pass1234]:
PRE Gen hook executed
 Cloning theme: <star-admin>, REPO:
POST Gen hook executed
 *** Copy assets
 *** Copy templates

Star Admin - Generated via Django CookieCutter.

At this point, the source code is generated and we can use the sources.

$ cd django-star-admin
$ docker-compose up --build

Star Admin - Start in Docker

A colorful dashboard page with charts and widgets provided by Star Admin, an open-source Django Seed Project crafted by AppSeed.
Star Admin Django - Charts Page

✨ Design Information

Beautifully designed and well-coded admin template, that comes with excellent support from experts. Built using the latest technologies and up to date with the latest trends and tools. Star Admin 2 is the perfect amalgamation of beautiful design and meticulously well-written code.

This template comes with an MIT license ( free for commercial use).

A modern and colorful dashboard page provided by Star Admin, an open-source Django Seed project.
Star Admin - Widgets Page.

Thanks for reading! For more resources & support please access: