Django Website Template Free

Open-source and Free Django Website Template crafted on top of Pixel Lite, a modern Bootstrap 5 design. The product is released under the MIT License.

Open-source Django Website Template provided by AppSeed and Themesberg
Free Website Template - Django Pixel Lite

This article presents a popular Django Website Template Free and open-source crafted on top of Pixel Lite Design (free version) and the latest Django Version (3.2.6). This simple starter might be used by beginners to code a presentation website and consolidate their portfolio with a new sample. For newcomers, Django is a leading web framework coded in Python by experts using  a batteries-included concept.

Django Pixel Lite - product page (contains DEMO & sources)
The top section of a Django Website Template crafted by AppSeed and Themsberg.
Django Website Template Free - Hero Section.

The product comes with a few basic modules and features like authentication, intuitive codebase, and Docker support. The most simple way to interact with this Django Website Template is to follow up the Docker setup as presented in the product documentation.  

Step #1 - Access the product page and download the source

$ unzip
$ cd django-pixel-lite
Django Website Template - Unzip Sources

Step #2 - Start the project in Docker

$ docker-compose pull
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up
Django Website Template - Docker Setup

Once all commands are executed we can visit the project in the browser and interact with the UI by register a new user and authenticate.

Open-source and Free Django Website template crafted by AppSeed and Themesberg.
Django Website Template Free - Login Page

Product Information

Django Pixel Lite comes with a simple and intuitive codebase,  an SQLite database, session-based authentication, and Docker support for fast deployment in production. The open-source UI is provided by Themesberg with pre-built pages and a rich set of components built on top of Bootstrap 5.

Pixel is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 based user interface kit featuring over 80 fully coded UI elements and example pages that will help you prototype and build a website for your next project.

5 Example pages - a few samples are provided by the original kit just enough to showcase a new project without much effort: about page, contact, freelancer.

Django Website Template - About Page
Django Website Template Free - About page
Django Website Template Free - About Page
Django Website Template - Simple Contact Page
Django Website Template Free - About Page.
Django Website Template Free - Contact Page. 

Compile from Sources

This beautiful website template can be downloaded and compiled locally using a few commands typed in the terminal. Before the actual build we should check if a minimal programming kit is installed and accessible in the terminal:

  • Python - a modern script language used for many types of projects
  • GIT - a command-line tool used to download sources from Github
  • A modern editor - VSCode or Atom

With all tools installed we can move forward and build the product:

Step #1 - Clone the sources from the public repository (Github)

$ git clone
$ cd django-pixel-lite
Django Website Template - Clone Sources 

Step #2 - Install modules (dependencies)

$ # Virtualenv modules installation (Unix based systems)
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ # Install modules
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Django Website Template - Install Modules

Step #3 - Setup Database

$ python makemigrations
$ python migrate
Django Website Template - Setup Database

Step #4 - Start the project

$ # Start the application (development mode)
$ python runserver # default port 8000
Django Website Template - Start the project

If all goes well, we should see the Django Pixel Lite login page running in the browser. To access the private pages, please create a new user first (the app is not provided with default users).

Django Website Template Free - Components Page.
Django Website Template Free - Components Page.

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