Flask Dashboards and Apps - a curated list

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In this article you will find a curated list with Flask Apps ready to be used in your next web applications. All resources listed here are tied to Flask, the popular Python web framework, sometimes called the Microframework.

Flask Apps

Flask Boilerplate Apps

FlaskPlay - Flask Boilerplate

App coded on top of Phantom app, designed by HTML5 Up. The app is open-source published on Github, Live Demo here

FlaskPlay - an Open-Source Flask Boilerplate.

Open-Source Flask Dashboards

Dashboard Apps coded in Flask

Black Dashboard

Use this new design provided by Creative-Tim, in your next Python project. The app has all you need to start fast: SQLite Database, ORM, Authentication, Static export. Grab the code from here or click the LIVE Demo and see if is crafted on your taste.  

Black Dashboard - coded in Flask

Now UI Dashboard - Coded in Python

Now UI Dashboard, with more than 27k downloads is state of the art design crafted by Creative-Tim. Feel free to use the Flask sources and built the new killer app for your customers - Live Demo

Now UI Dashboard - coded in Flask

Light Dashboard - Coded in Flask

The popular dashboard crafted by Creative-Tim, coded in Flask. Check out the Live demo here and sources here

Light Dashboard - coded in Flask

Flask Material Dashboard

A material dashboard coded in Flask, designed by Creative-Tim. The product sources are published on Github. Grab them for free and build an amazing product on top of the Flask app provided by AppSeed.

Flask Material Dashboard - Coded in Flask Microframework.

Flask Argon Design

The Flask version of popular Free Bootstrap Argon Design, enhanced with Authentication, SQLite Database, ORM and good intentions. Check out the live demo here.

Flask Argon Dahboard - Coded in Flask Microframework

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