On-Site SEO optimization for "Flask Apps" keyword - Tips from a newbie

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I'm writing this article based on my experience during the SEO optimization of AppSeed. As title suggest, i'm a complete newbie in this complex field and i'm not advising anyone to implement any tip listed here. For me, some tips just worked, but is hard to say if is it pure luck, or God loves SEO and appreciate my struggle. Let's go!

The mission: Make this page visible when developers search "flask apps" in Google

At the time i'm writing this article ( 2019.05.31 ), the page I'm trying to rank in Google is not listed in the first 10 pages in Google search. ( some of you, might say "the poor guy" .. ). Here is my plan:

Before i start, i must mention the communities that helps me to understand what i have to do, and why some things works and others don't in this SEO field
  • Reddit SEO community - full of heavy guys, wiling to help. A funny story, at some point i was arguing with a guy from the community, and he replied to me: "you don't know anything about SEO". F**k, he was right, and I was arrogant.
  •  On Site SEO - a must read tutorial for newbies provided by Moz.com
  • Check the page structure and data of the first 3 websites listed by Google for this search: Flask Website, Full Stack Python - Flask section, Flask Mega Tutorial

On Site Optimization

Choosing the keyword based on search volumes:
  • flask applications - 720/mo
  • flask apps - 3,600/mo -> Winner
  • flask boilerplate - 590/mo
  • full-stack flask - 0/mo
Added "flask apps" sentence to the page URL


Added the search keyword in the page title (63 chars)

Flask Apps - FullStack Apps built in Flask Framework | BrandName

Meta Description (116chars)

Full-Stack Apps built with Flask Microframework, the popular Python framework used for developing web applications

Page H1, H2, H3
  • H1: Flask Apps
  • H2: Apps built in Flask Framework
  • H3: Why is Flask a good choice?
The main page image properties
  • Lazy Loaded
  • Path: https://static.my-domain/.../flask-apps/full-stack-apps-built-with-flask-microframework.png
  • Alt text: Full-Stack Apps built with Flask Microframework, provided by <BrandName>
Page links
  • Flask - official website: 2 links, one at the top page, right next to the H1 sentence, and the second one in the bottom of the page
  • Full-Stack Python, Flask section
  • Flask Mega Tutorial by Miguel Grindberg
Page content

Three paragraphs positioned right next to html tags H1, H2, H3 hidrated with relevant information.

Flask Apps Page

The page structure

Flask Apps - Seo Optimization The Clean Page.

Flask Apps - Decorated Page

The page structure with SEO meta information

Flask Apps - Decorated Page.

Other SEO Optimizations

Visible in the page source

  • Inject critical CSS directly in the page, defer the rest
  • Defer Javascript
  • Use fonts-face
  • Prefetch fonts with directive "display=swap"
  • Lazy load on images
Flask Apps Page - Lighthouse Score

Build page Referrals

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