Flask Berry - Go LIVE in 5 minutes

This material explains how to Go LIVE with a simple Flask App built on top of Berry design using the LIVE deployer service provided by AppSeed.

Flask Berry - Deploy LIVE on Render with DnD
Flask Berry - Deploy LIVE on Render with DnD

Hello! The video mentioned in this article explains how to deploy LIVE a simple Flask Dashboard using a Drag & Drop LIVE Deployer service. The products come with a database, a modern Bootstrap 5 design, and Docker support. Thanks for reading!

For newcomers, Berry is a free Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template. It is designed to deliver the best possible user experience with highly customizable feature-rich pages. Berry has an easy and intuitive responsive design whether it is viewed on retina screens or laptops.

Flask Berry - LIVE Deploy in 5 min

✨ Video transcript

  • βœ… Access the Flask Berry repository
  • βœ… Access the LIVE Deployer service
  • βœ… Push the product LIVE (via drag & drop)
  • βœ… Check out the compilation progress on Render
  • βœ… Access the LIVE Deploy
  • βœ… Create a new user and authenticate
Flask Berry - Sign IN page
Flask Berry - Sign IN page

Flask Berry - UI Color Page
Flask Berry - Colors page
Flask Berry - Colors page

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