Flask Dynamic API - New Tool for Developers

This tool aims to provide a secure, production-ready API via Flask-RestX using the developer's minimum amount of code.

Flask Dynamic API - A new feature provided by AppSeed
Flask Dynamic API - A new feature provided by AppSeed

Hello Coders! This article presents Flask Dynamic API, our latest tool built for developers. The project helps developers to expose a secure API over any model defined in the app via a minimum amount of configuration code (basically a single line).

  • 👉 1# - Define your model in apps/models.py
  • 👉 2# - Enable the model in the configuration
  • 👉 3# - Migrate the project

Step 2 is introduced to empower the developer to filter exposed models with ease. Once the above steps are finished, the CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are available via localhost/api/<MODEL_NAME>/ URI.

Curios minds can find out more about the usage of this tool by watching this video presentation published on yTube:

Flask Dynamic API - Tool for Developers.

How it works

Once the source code of the project is downloaded into a local environment, we need to follow the steps:

  • create and activate a virtual environment
  • install the project dependencies
  • edit apps/models.py to include the model definition
  • activate the model in config (DYNAMIC_API variable)
  • Migrate the app

Once all the above steps are executed, our API should be up & running.

👉 How the API is secured

Security is an important aspect of any service and this Dynamic API tool, in order to be useful and production-ready provides a security layer that isolates the mutating access (PUT, POST) for registered users.  

The API can be used in two ways:

  • APP templates - security token is provided by the backend
  • 3rd party tools (POSTMAN) - the security token is delivered by a /login request

For more information, please watch this video presentation. In case something is missing, feel free to contact the support team via email or chat on Discord (24/7 LIVE assistance).    

Thanks for reading! For more resources and support, feel free to access: