Flask Dashboard Material

An open-source Flask Starter crafted on top of Material Dashboard design, a beautiful Bootstrap 5 design from Creative-Tim.

A modern page styled with Bootstrap 5 that provides many charts and widgets - Material Design.
Material Dashboard - Flask Version

Hello! This article presents an open-source Flask starter crafted on top of Material Dashboard design from Creative-Tim. Flask Material Dashboard can be used to bootstrap fast a new dashboard project powered by Flask with bare minimum essentials like authentication, database, ORM, and Docker support out-of-the-box. For newcomers, Flask is a leading framework written in Python that we can use to code from simple, one-page websites to microservices, APIs, and complex eCommerce platforms. Β Thanks for reading!

GIF animated presentation of Flask Material Dashbioard, an open-source starter crafted by AppSeed.
Material Dashboard - Flask Seed Project

The project comes with Docker support and probably the most easier way to start it in a local environment is via Docker. Let's go!

πŸ‘‰ Step #1 - Clone the sources

$ git clone https://github.com/app-generator/flask-material-dashboard.git
$ cd flask-material-dashboard
Flask Material Dashboard - Clone Sources

πŸ‘‰ Step #2 - Start in Docker

$ docker-compose up --build
Flask Material Dashboard - Start in Docker

Once all the above commands are executed, we should be able to access the app in the browser, create users, authenticate and interact with the UI.

A simple, yet modern login page styled with Bootstrap 5, all provided by Flask Material Dashboard.
Material Dashboard - Login Page

✨ Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard 2 is built with over 60 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in color, which you can easily modify using SASS files and classes.

πŸ‘‰ Material Dashboard 2 - BS5 template version (free product)

The most complex and innovative Dashboard Made by Creative Tim. Check our latest Freebie Bootstrap 5 Dashboard with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design 2.

Designed for those who like bold elements and beautiful websites, Material Dashboard 2 is ready to help you create stunning websites and web apps.

A colorful and modern product image of Material Design 2, an open-source Bootstrap 5 design.
Material Dashboard 2 - Bootstrap 5 Design

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