FlaskPlay - An open-source Flask Boilerplate

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This article is dedicated to beginners that decide to use Flask Microframework to code their next web project. At the end of this article you should be familiar with a real web application coded entirely in Flask, enhanced with authentication, database (SQLite), forms usage, basic routing and static export of the entire app. The live demo of this boilerplate, can be found here.

Design crafted by HTML5 Up

Flask Boilerplate - FlaskPlay, the main image.

What is Flask?

Flask (source code) is a Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy. Sometimes called a "microframework" because has a small footprint compared to (much havier) Django. In fact, Flask was born years after Django, and built with Django drawbacks in mind by the Armin_Ronacher, the creator of Flask.  

What is a Boilerplate?

Basically, a boilerplate is a skeleton, a base of a future project. Using a well coded boilerplate can help allot a developer, because he skip the part where the wheel is reinvented. You get the code, and add your magic on top.

FlaskPlay Boilerplate Features

In case you wonder what's in the box, i will make a short list of features of this boilerplate:

  • Coded and tested in Python3
  • Integrated design - Phantom (crafted by HTML5 Up)
  • Orm: Flask-SQLAlchemy.  
  • Database engine: SQLite.
  • Authentication features: Login, Register
  • Open-Source project - Sources published on Github
  • Static export - the entire app can be exported as a static application by typing one single command:

python ./static.py # sources here

Live App ScreenShots

FlaskPlay Boilerplate - generic page

FlaskPlay Flask Boilerplate - Screen Shoot of a generic page

FlaskPlay Boilerplate - login page

FlaskPlay Flask Boilerplate - Screen Shoot of the login page

FlaskPlay Boilerplate - design elements page

FlaskPlay Flask Boilerplate - Screen Shoot of the design elements page

FlaskPlay Boilerplate - page with expanded menu

FlaskPlay Flask Boilerplate - Screen Shoot of a page with menu expanded

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