A curated list of Full-Stack starters

Hello Coders,

This article is more an index with Full-Stack starters that respects few simple requirements:

  • Built in new technologies like, Vue.js, React, Gatsby, Next
  • Minimum level of stability, so they can be used without much effort into a real project
  • Minimum UI, stable and ready to be extended.
  • Live DEMO
  • Optionally a good support provided by authors  

React Based Starters:

React Starter Kit - 19k Gh.Stars - Node, Express, GraphQL - DEMO / Starting Guide. (for advanced users)

PERN Starter - Postgres, Express, Node - DEMO (for advanced users)

To suggest a starter please send an email to support@appseed.us, fork the @Github repo dedicated to this subject or comment on Reddit.

Thank you!

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