Gatsby - Open-Source Themes and Starters

Hello Coders,

In this article I will present a collection with 20+ GatsbyJS themes and starters suitable for simple apps and projects such one-page sites, coming-soon pages and markdown blogs. All apps are open-source, published on Github and actively supported by AppSeed

In a rush? The full index with Gatsby themes & starters is available on Github. Happy coding!

What is Gatsby

Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps. This is the official slogan of the product. For me, getting familiar with this app builder was an amazing experience. All my blogs, (except this one) now are built on Gatsby based on some simple facts:

  • Gatsby comes with state of the art tooling
  • Plugins for many common used modules (analytics, sitemaps)
  • Speed. Apps built with Gatsby are fast.
  • Documentation is great.
  • Free live support on Discord & Spectrum

For new comers, setting up Gatsby is quite easy, and is fully covered in the official documentation.

Need LIVE support with your Gatsby development? We provide 24/7 LIVE support via Discord for paid plans.

Licensing Info

All starters and themes are released under permissive licenses (MIT or CCY 30) inherited from the design providers. Before using a starter, please read the license file. Thank you!

GatsbyJS Absurd

This one-page starter, is the most creative one because uses the illustrations provided by

GatsbyJS Absurd - Gif animated intro.

To build this app without leaving this window, just type in your preferred terminal:

$ git clone
$ cd gatsby-absurd
$ yarn # installed modules
$ yarn start # start the app in development mode
$ yarn build # build the app for production

GatsbyJS Fashion

Simple fashion starter with a creative layout released under the MIT license.

GatsbyJS Fashion - Gif animated intro.

GatsbyJS Creative

A bootstrap based one-page Gatsby starter, released under the MIT license.

GatsbyJS Creative - Gif animated intro.

Build from sources this app, is quite easy. Please open a terminal and type:

$ git clone
$ cd gatsby-creative
$ yarn && yarn start 
# please visit localhost:8000 in your browser & start coding

GatsbyJS Grayscale

This design is a simple one, suitable for  a corporate website. MIT license.

GatsbyJS Grayscale - Gif animated intro.

GatsbyJS Spectral

One-page app starter with a design provided by HTML5 Up agency.

GatsbyJS Photon - Gif animated intro.

GatsbyJS Stellar

Just another Gatsby starter with an amazing design crafted by Html5 Up.

GatsbyJS Stellar - Gif animated intro.

GatsbyJS Aerial

Open-source app built with GatsbyJS on top of HTML5Up Aerial design.

GatsbyJS Aerial - Gif animated intro.

GatsbyJS Tailwind Starter

TailwindPlay - a simple landing page styled with Tailwind CSS. MIT license.

Gatsby Tailwind Starter - Gif animated intro.

Where to go from here?

You may check out our index with Gatsby apps, actively supported by AppSeed. Along with the apps, we provide 24/7 Live support via Discord for paid plans.  

Thank you!

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