React Theme Dimension - Crafted by HTM5Up, coded in GatsbyJS

Hello coders,

After publishing an authentication starter into a previous article, we decided to enhance and publish another React / GatsbyJS starter, this time based on his layout and design properties: Dimension. Guys from HTML5Up released another impressive layout, .. but this is not a surprise anymore, right?

For newcomers, Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps. It's pretty smart & trendy.

Btw, my name is Adrian and I work as CTO, TL, Developer, (and the rest of the jobs required by a startup...) at AppSeed.  

Gatsby.js , HTML5Up Dimension stater

On top of this React Theme we've added simple, things like automatic deploy, implement the contact form and .. support.  

  • The Ftp deploy script, uses ftp-deploy npm package. By changing two lines of code (user, password & IP of your FTP server) you can deploy automatically your web app  
  • The contact form it's usable.  
  • We provide live support for this project on Discord and Facebook

Totally unrelated to this subject, in case you need to build a Full-Stack App you can generate it in React, Vue.js or Express in a few minutes using our  generator  (no account needed). I'm done :)

The source code is saved on a public repository on Github (link bellow), feel free to use it in your next project. In case of any issues don't hesitate to give us a call.


All starters are free, MIT license, with live demo and sources on Github. Until next time, happy programming!

Looking for more React Themes? This article contains themes designed by HTML5 Up, LekoArts, Creative-Tim. Source code and Demo's included.

Useful? Sharing is caring. Thank you!  

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