React Theme Dimension - Crafted by HTM5Up, coded in GatsbyJS

Hello coders,

After publishing an authentication starter into a previous article, we decided to enhance and publish another React / GatsbyJS starter, this time based on his layout and design properties: Dimension. Guys from HTML5Up released another impressive layout, .. but this is not a surprise anymore, right?

For newcomers, Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps. It's pretty smart & trendy.

Btw, my name is Adrian and I work as CTO, TL, Developer, (and the rest of the jobs required by a startup...) at AppSeed.  

Gatsby.js , HTML5Up Dimension stater

On top of this React Theme we've added simple, things like automatic deploy, implement the contact form and .. support.  

  • The Ftp deploy script, uses ftp-deploy npm package. By changing two lines of code (user, password & IP of your FTP server) you can deploy automatically your web app  
  • The contact form it's usable.  
  • We provide live support for this project on Discord and Facebook

Totally unrelated to this subject, in case you need to build a Full-Stack App you can generate it in React, Vue.js or Express in a few minutes using our  generator  (no account needed). I'm done :)

The source code is saved on a public repository on Github (link bellow), feel free to use it in your next project. In case of any issues don't hesitate to give us a call.


All starters are free, MIT license, with live demo and sources on Github. Until next time, happy programming!

Need more Blazing fast GatsbyJS / React themes? We've built a index with 5 amazing themes crafted by HTM5Up, LekoArts, Creative-Tim. In case we've missed something, let us know.

Useful? Sharing is caring. Thank you!  

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