How much should a developer earn in 2019

I must warn you that this will not be a salary disclosure. Or a StackOverflow salaries statistics. Or any secret on how to get a higher salary - although I can give you some tips on that.

It's a simple question:

How can I reduce my development time and costs for a project that I've negotiated a fixed price?

Plain text passwords

Remember that Reddit thread with developers on storing passwords in plain text? Or some of them asking the owners if they want the passwords to be encrypted? That's strange when you look from outside, but there is a part of this world that likes to run for more rather than do less and better.
And if we are talking about the time I would rather have the best tools and strategies rather than getting more time. You cannot get time direct by wanting more time, so the solution is to circle around it and use it wisely.

How hard is to be a good developer?

It's still hard to be a good developer and do it fast. You can think outside the box, but you will even have to implement a lot of features in the business logic.

The thing is that most of the business logic has pieces or components already implemented already in this world.

You may be thinking now: Yeah, I know all about open source, that thing that people give some code for free and after that they don't maintain it anymore. Sorry but no!

Well, I am also unhappy about some libraries are getting dumped, see requests example from Node JS, or not updated at all. But for that, you have to find the best outside solution.

I've started using as a freelancer for some small hit and run projects I do outside of my daily job. People are asking me to help them with a little thing, or that want to learn during mentorship sessions on Codementor (I'll tell you more about that in a later article - if you need a mentorship session you can plan one for free here). As we were talking about time:

You can do only so many things in just 24h.

So take a look at this hourly calculation that was estimated on by a junior, a mid-level, and a senior full-stack developer:

The Login feature only, developing from scratch vs. doing it with a full stack kit like the ones you can get from

The Junior price difference is  $431, for mid-level is $591 and for the senior is just $701. That a significant amount of money.
Now do the math on how much you can benefit on this during a full year of coding?

All these with $99 and your time for customer customizations only.

Or get the free stacks and start now.

Thats insane!

So what's the value proposition?

Learn to build UI Kits by getting them constructed already and using them on your projects.
We give you a tested and running code. You read the "README" in 5 minutes, you turn the key, and the engine starts. Happy coding!

How much a developer should earn in 2019?

In planning, I always like to add some uncertainty in project estimation. Now to answer the title question: if you have the right strategies and tactics, use the right tools and build the proper discipline you will be able to double the current revenue at least.

The best question of the week comes from Jernej that gave us some good feedback last week:

"I am missing a simple but convincing description of what kind of project/website your user could build with AppSeed that they can't build with Wordpress or similar existing solutions."

Our next article will describe this in detail. So if you want to read it, please subscribe by clicking Menu > Subscribe.

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