How to use a generated full stack app @AppSeed

Hello, everyone!

The goal of this article is to provide an overall analysis of the concept behind our service. It is hardly a simple task, since we are dealing with a fairly recent concept in software development.

Oh! I haven't introduced myself. My name is Adrian and I work as CTO, TL, Developer, and writer for  AppSeed.

Now, back to our project. The main idea behind AppSeed is quite straightforward. We want to enable developers to build stable & tested web apps in no time, by selecting three things:

  1. The UI Kit for your future app
  2. The frontend engine/framework
  3. The backend

After pressing the button, AppSeed produces a full stack app that satisfies certain basic requirements:

  • the generated code is stable & documented
  • JWT token authentication
  • instantly usable (documentation included)
  • it is a high-quality app, regardless of whether it is free or not

This is an extremely important detail regarding our business. We are charging only for 1-1 Support and Premium UI Kits.  

Let's go through the steps of building an application with AppSeed:

  1. Access the full stack generator page
  2. Select the front-end engine: At this moment we support React, Vue.js. (More will come: Nuxt and Quasar are first on the list)
  3. Select the back-end: Laravel, Express or Flask. (we are currently working on integrating Hapi and Fastify, as well. Both are #impressive)
  4. Press the button

In a few seconds, AppSeed will provide:

  1. A fully functional demo (like this one, if you select Vue)
  2. The front-end (zip archive)
  3. The back-end (zip archive)

All apps generated by AppSeed follow a common architecture described below:

  1. The front-end and the back-end are isolated. The communication is done through ajax calls
  2. The UI is fully functional, with login/logout features. (registration will be added in the near future for all generated apps)

Lastly, this is how to use it:

  1. Start the back-end. To do so, unzip the back-end archive, and follow the instructions saved in README (express sample)
  2. Start the front-end app. To do so, unzip the archive, and follow the instructions saved in README (vue.js sample)

At this point, you should have an up and running full stack app with usable UI, stable in the technologies selected in the build phase.

Where to go from here?

We'd appreciate your feedback – you can find us on Discord or Facebook. Also, feel free to use the generator, should you want to swiftly build a Full-Stack app using modern technologies. If you find an issue with our generated apps, please open a fault on Github (the official repository).

Looking for React Themes? This article contains themes designed by HTML5 Up, LekoArts, Creative-Tim. Source code and Demo's included.

Thank You!

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