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Hello Coders,

I'm writing this article because I have the feeling that sometimes developing a new web app is not about programming, it's about doing stupid, boring work. Especially when I need to start a new web application, for a new client, using a new design.

The use-case is simple, I choose a design, and build something on top. But, we are not anymore on Bootstrap/jQuery era, to have hundreds of templates to choose from. Now, React, Vue.js dominates the frontend zone, of course, for good reasons, but the problem is the missing UI kits and production ready themes.
In my case, I move the code from flat HTML to React & Vue.js manually and to be honest, I'm getting bored. Solutions?

Googling for tools. The search "html to react" return a few articles, somehow related to this subject, but more with a discussion profile. Real tools? only two:

I realize is not an easy job this tool but, I was expecting to find something better than this.  At this moment my plan is:

  • convert manually a few templates (from HTML5 Up)
  • build a tool to speed up the conversion.

The list of Html-to-React projects:

In case you're searching for production ready React Themes, check out this article: A curated list of Free React Themes with 5 killer themes designed by Html5Up, LekoArts and Creative-Tim.

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