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Thank you for landing on this page. This article presents a collection with 40+ apps designed by Html5UP / Pixelarity agency, generated in JAMstack pattern and Flask using automation tools.

In a rush? All apps (free and commercial) styled by Htmlt5Up agency are published on Github: JAMstack apps, Flask Apps. Please read the licensing information before using an app. Thank you!

The full Html5Up collection, as all others apps provided by the AppSeed platform are generated using an automated workflow:

  • The flat HTML is processed to become production-ready using an HTML parser tool. During this phase, the manual work of extracting the components, striping the hard-coded texts and inject variables is executed using the tool. The components are exported various formats: PUG, Jinja2, Blade and ready to be used in a real app.
  • UI components are injected into pre-built boilerplates prototyped in different patterns and programming languages: JAMstack, Python, Node.js

Using this process we've released the first bundle with 100+ open-source apps, built with automation tools in different patterns: admin dashboards, full-stack apps, Flask.

Now, back to our index with apps built on top of Html5Up design, we will mention only a few here. The full collection has more than 40+ apps for each pattern.

Html5Up - JAMstack apps

The entire JAMstack collection (free & commercial apps), is published on Github. In order to build an app, we need to write just a few lines in a terminal window. For instance, if we want to build and use the JAMstack version of the Now UI kit designed by Creative-Tim agency, all we need is to access the README file, published on Github and follow the build intructions:

$ git clone
$ cd jamstack-now-ui-kit

$ # install modules
$ yarn 
$ yarn start # this will start the app for edit

$ # the app should run on port 8000

JAMstack Now UI - Gif animated intro.

In a similar way, we can build and use any JAMstack app, generated by the AppSeed platform.

Html5Up - Flask apps

All generated Flask apps are using the same code-base prototyped with a minimum set of features: Authentication, SQLite database, ORM and basic tooling for deploy and static export (via Flask-Frozen).

The collection comes with free apps, released under MIT license. Let's build a few here:

Flask Paper Kit

Open-Source Flask app enhanced with SQLite database, authentication, SQLAlchemy ORM and a beautiful UI - Paper Kit Design by Creative-Tim.

App Links: demo, sources

$ # clone the repo

$ git clone
$ cd flask-paper-kit

$ # install the dependencies
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

$ # create the database (using Flask shell)

$ flask shell
$ >>> from app import db
$ >>> db.create_all()

$ flask run

$ # App is running on http://localhost:5000 

If all goes well, the app should be visible in browser:

Flask Paper Kit - Git animated intro.

Flask Argon Design

Open-Source Flask app enhanced with SQLite database, authentication, SQLAlchemy ORM and a beautiful UI - Argon Design Design by Creative-Tim.

App Links: demo, sources

Flask Argon Design - Gif animated intro.

To access the full index with JAMstack and Flask apps generated on top of the design provided by Html5Up agency, please access the repositories: JAMstack, Flask apps. Thank you!

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