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Hello Coder,

Thank you for landing on this page. This article presents a few designs crafted by the famous agency Html5Up coded in different patterns and programming languages.

All apps uses the license CCA 3.0 (inherited from the publisher) means that you need to preserve the footer link to Html5Up

Html5Up - few words about it

I discovered Html5Up a few months ago, searching for some nice layouts to prototype the integration into our app generator service. We decided to use the work of this amazing agency based on some simple facts:

  • The layouts are simply great with a clean and distinctive design
  • Quite an impressive loading speed for a template design.
  • The CSS is not Bootstrap based, the agency provide their own CSS definitions
  • Free for commercial and hobby projects

For more templates, please access Html5Up, there are big chances to find at least one beautiful design for your future project.

Html5Up JAMstack Landed

Open-Source app with HTML5Up Landed design coded in JAMstack pattern.

App Links; sources, demo

JAMstack Landed - Gif animated intro

The app can be easily built from the sources, in case you have an NPM, Node.js environment already set up:

$ # clone the sources
$ git clone
$ cd jamstack-landed

$ yarn # install modules
$ yarn start # start the app for LIVE edit
$ yarn build 

Html5Up JAMstack BigPicture

Open-Source app with HTML5Up BigPicture design coded in JAMstack pattern.

App Links; sources, demo

JAMstack BigPicture - Gif animated intro.

Html5Up JAMstack Fractal

Open-Source app with HTML5Up Fractal design coded in JAMstack pattern.

App Links; sources, demo

JAMstack Fractal - Gif animated intro.

Html5Up Flask Solid-State

Solid State, designed by HTML5 Up and coded in Flask Microframework with SQLite database, ORM and authentication.

App Links: sources, demo

Flask Solid-State - Gif animated intro.

Html5Up FlaskPlay

Open-Source starter coded in Flask Microframework, pre-configured with Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-WTF, design crafted by HTML5 Up.

App Links: sources, demo

Flask Boilerplate

Where to go from here?

Thank you!

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