Html5Up Spectral - Html to React conversion process

Hello coders,

In my previous article, I've presented the motivation to build an html-to-react tool. This article is basically a work log for this operation. Stay tuned!

The React theme (based on Spectral design from HTML5 Up) will be committed on Github, feel free to use it.
  • download the html files
  • initialize the react Github repository with a GatsbyJS starter
  • analyze a similar project and clone the structure
  • build bacis layout and load de main css file
  • compile the project without errors
  • wow, we have something on our screen
  • cod pushed on React Theme - Spectral Repo
Html-to-React Spectral - Screen 1
Update 2019.04.29 - Add more elements on homepage, build a dedicated page on our React Themes index. commit the new sources on Github.  
Html-to-React Spectral - Screen 2
@TodoList - implement jQuery animation in pure Javascript (menus and smooth scroll)  

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