Jinja Pixel Lite - Product Update

Pixel Lite - a modern Bootstrap 5 design crafted by Themesberg, now available in Flask/Jinja - FREE product provided by AppSeed.

Jinja Pixel Lite - Product Update

The Jinja version of Pixel Lite design crafted by Themesberg has been update to the latest UI version built with Bootstrap 5 (no jQuery). The product can be downloaded without an account and used for commercial products based on the permissive license. For newcomers, Pixel Lite is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 based user interface kit featuring over 80 fully coded UI elements and example pages.

Open-source Jinja Template provided by AppSeed on top of Pixel Lite design - Bootstrap 5 UI Kit.
Pixel Lite - Jinja Template.

Product features

Pixel was designed by professional designers to bring you the best of two worlds: appearance and experience. We are true believers in the experience of the user, that’s why you will find that the design is mostly simple and clean, without too many distractions.

Customize with Sass - Pixel is built using the Sass variables and mixins, but we also made sure that you have a custom variables file where you can override the default properties that Bootstrap and Themesberg has provided.

Accessibility - Pixel is built with a focus on accessibility, that’s why we’ve carefully selected the best color scheme for a good contrast for the elements.

Jinja/Flask Codebase - The codebase is a super simple Flask project WITHOUT database, ORM, or any other hard dependency. Development-ready UI can be migrated and used in any Python-based product coded on Flask, Django or FastAPI. To compile the project locally please access the links:

Pixel Lite - Open-source Bootstrap 5 Design crafted by Themesberg now available in Flask.
Pixel Lite - Section Sample

How To Use Pixel Lite

The project can be downloaded and used directly from Github and to do this we need Python3 and GIT versioning tool to be accessible in the terminal.

Step #1 - Download/Clone the project

$ git clone https://github.com/app-generator/jinja-pixel-lite.git
$ cd jinja-pixel-lite

Step #2 - Install Modules

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Step #3 - Set up environment

$ # Set the FLASK_APP environment variable
$ export FLASK_APP=run.py

Step #4 - Start Jinja Pixel Lite

$ flask run
$ # Access the UI in browser:

If all goes well we should see this simple Flask project running in the browser:

Pixel Lite - Open-source design, sample hero section.
Pixel Lite - Free Bootstrap 5 Design. 
Pixel Lite - Contact Page
Pixel Lite - Free contact page styled with Bootstrap 5 by Themesberg.
Pixel Lite - Contact Page.

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