React HORIZON Pro #Updated

Premium Full-Stack seed project crafted on top of Chakra UI and React. The product comes with a simple JWT authentication flow: login/register/logout powered by an open-source Node JS API Backend.

React HORIZON Pro #Updated
React HORIZON Pro - TypeScript Version

Hello! This (short) article presents the latest update of React HORIZON, a popular full-stack starter, recently migrated to TypeScript. The latest version provides an improved codebase, 10+ extra pages, related components, an eCommerce section, and many more. Thank you!

Here are the features of this amazing product:

  • ✅ Modern aesthetics UI design - Designed by Simmmple
  • ✅ Styled with Chakra Ui, Dark-Mode
  • ✅ Authentication: JWT Login/Register/Logout
  • Full-stack Ready

For more, please access the LIVE Demo or this video material published on YouTube:


Thanks for reading! For more resources, feel free to access: