Stellar React Theme - Crafted by HTML5 Up, coded by AppSeed

Hello Coders,

In this article I will present Stellar, just another free React Theme designed by HTML5 Up, and coded under GatsbyJS React Framework by AppSeed

For newcomers, GatsbyJS is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps.

Before jumping into details, i will present a short list with features:

  • Responsive design
  • Progressive Web App (PWA). (design pattern recommended by Google)
  • Sitemap generated by `gatsby-plugin-sitemap`
  • Google Analytics intergration provided by `gatsby-plugin-google-analytics`
  • Ftp Deploy Script. Just type `yarn deploy` and your web app is LIVE.
  • Strings loaded from data.json file. Feel free to add more.    

The goal of this article is to help developers, especially the beginners, to speed up their development by using a tested & production-ready app, enhanced with basic modules.

So, let's proceed with the installation and usage.

This article assume that you are familiar with console and tools like npm, node, gatsby  
Install gatsby cli globally
install -g gatsby-cli
Clone the application repository
git clone
Next step: install the dependencies. This will take a while and depends on your internet connection. We recommend to use Yarn. Npm is also an option, but sometimes is much slower than yarn.
Install dependencies
cd stellar

At this point, your application is ready to be edited. Yep, the boring part is over. You can start coding. Type yarn develop, and access http://localhost:8000

Start the application in development mode
yarn develop

Any code updates will be reflected in the browser, instantly. Of course, we are in 2019. To build and deploy your web app, just type:

yarn build # prepare production build in public/ directory
yarn deploy # push the production build into the wild
Warn: FTP deployment requires editing of deploy.js. Just add your user / pass / ftp_server and your all set.


Looking for more React Themes? This article contains themes designed by HTML5 Up, LekoArts, Creative-Tim. Source code and Demo's included.

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