React, Tremor & Tailwind - Coder Stats via GitHub API

Open-source Sample built with React, Tremor, and GitHub API - Source released under MIT License.

GitHub API, React & Tremor - Open-Source Sample by AppSeed
GitHub API, React & Tremor - Open-Source Sample by AppSeed

Hello! This article mentions an open-source sample that presents the developer's stats pulled from GitHub free API and presents the information using React & Tremor Library. The flow is pretty simple: Users input their username, the information is consumed from GitHub and the charts are displayed. For newcomers, Tremor is a modern stack built on top of Tailwind and ReCharts, focusing mainly on scientists and developers that develop dashboards and analytics products. Thanks for reading!

Copyright Note: Project adapted for React & Tremor from Svelte Version crafted by Robert Soriano.
React, Tremor & Tailwind - Open-Source Sample provided by AppSeed
React, Tremor & Tailwind - Open-Source Sample

The product can be used by anyone that has a decent NodeJS version installed in the workstation. Once the sources are saved locally, the project can be started easily.

$ git clone
$ cd sample-tremor-github-charts
$ yarn       # install modules
$ yarn start # start for development 

✨ What is Tremor

Tremor is a low-level, opinionated UI component library to build dashboards. It offers components, such as charts, layouts, or input elements, covering the essential parts of a dashboard or analytical interface.

Their approach provides flexibility between beautiful defaults and fast customization. The best way to get started is to check out our templates, called Blocks, for getting a feeling of how components are used and combined.

Tremor - Free React Library for Dashboards
Tremor - Free React Library for Dashboards

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