Rocket Generator - Tabler (new design)

This article presents the latest features provided by the Rocket Generator, a free service crafted by AppSeed - Tabler UI is now integrated into the service.

Rocket Generator - Tabler UI (new integrated design)
Rocket Generator - Tabler UI (new integrated design)

Hello! The Rocket Generator now supports Tabler, a popular open-source dashboard design. For newcomers, this free service can be used to generate simple Django Starters enhanced with a custom user model, API layer, and Docker support. The latest features are presented in a short video material published on YouTube. Thanks for reading!

👉  Rocket Generator - Free service for coding Django starters

Regarding the design, Tabler is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. Based on its modern and user-friendly design anyone can create fully functional interfaces.  

Tabler - Free Django Starter

In the following section, a few screen-shots are provided for this amazing design actively supported by a vibrant open-source community.

Tabler Django - Main Dashboard with Dark Mode active

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