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Hello Coder,

Thank you for landing on this page. This article explains how to use the visual App Generator provided by the AppSeed platform to build Full-Stack Vue Apps with a few clicks.

To generate a full-stack Vue App using the generator is pretty straightforward:

  • Select the UI Kit
  • Select the preferred backend: Laravel, Flask or Nodejs
  • Confirm the build

If all goes well, the platform will provide the link to the DEMO and the generated Vue.js app will be listed on your dashboard (for registered users). If the user don't want to create an account, the links to the generated sources are sent via eMail.

Step #1 - select the backend

Vuejs App Generator - Set the Backend.

Step #2 - Visualize the Demo link and get sources

Vuejs App Generator - Build Complete.

Step #3 - Visualize the live Demo

Vuejs App Generator - Visualize the Live DEMO.

All generated apps share the same code-base, equipped with a basic set of modules:

  • JWT authentication
  • Sqlite database, ORM
  • Basic tooling and scripts to manage the app builds and deploy

How the app generation process works

AppSeed is able to generate the apps in different patterns and technologies using two big steps:

  • Phase #1 - The UI integration phase - during this the UI is analyzed and parsed using a state-of-the-art HTML parser. The flat HTML files are transformed into production-ready layouts for various template engines (PUG, Jinja, Blade)
  • Phase #2 - The processed UI is injected into pre-built boilerplate code equipped with a basic set of modules: JWT authentication, database, ORM

The result: generated fully-coded apps, in different technologies and patterns.

Where to go from here

Thank you!

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