Weekly Newsletter #22

Weekly #22 Highlights - Rocket Generator is LIVE, new Django products (Corporate, Modernize), updates (Django tabler), and more.

AppSeed - Weekly Newsletter #22
AppSeed - Weekly Newsletter #22

Hello there! This week was quite productive for our team by launching a new service, releasing three Django starters (all open-source), docs, and two old samples patched to work better. Thanks for reading and feedback!

Weekly Highlights

Let's chat about each item in the following sections.

Rocket Generator

This new service uses the latest pattern for the code generator where the codebase can be customized in terms of models, extended user profile, Docker, CI/CD support, and (soon) LIVE deployment for Render.

A LIVE demonstration can be found on the homepage of the product and also on YouTube:

Rocket Generator for Django

Datta Able Django

This popular starter has been updated with multiple fixes and also the codebase with a few UI improvements.

Django Datta Able - Open-Source Starter crafted by AppSeed
Django Datta Able - Open-Source Starter crafted by AppSeed

Django Modernize

Open-Source Seed Project crafted on top of Modernize Bootstrap 5 and Django. The product comes with session-based authentication, DB tools, and Docker support.

✅ The design is provided by AdminMart, our latest partners
Modernize - Open-source Django Starter, crafted by AppSeed and AdminMart
Modernize - Open-source Django Starter

Django Tabler

This starter now provides the latest release of Tabler with dark mode, Docker, and CI/CD support for Render.

Tabler - Open-Source Django Starter crafted by AppSeed
Tabler - Open-Source Django Starter

Django Corporate

Corporate design is a pixel-perfect UI from Creative-Tim and besides this, the starter now supports LIVE reload in Docker for code and also templates.

This update is very convenient when we prefer to work in isolated virtual environments for development.

Django Corporate - Now supports LIVE reload in Docker, crafted by AppSeed
Django Corporate - Now supports LIVE reload in Docker

Django Extended User Profile

Django Sample project that allows registered users to edit their profiles outside of the admin module. Django User Profile is provided on top of Django Volt.

The latest release removed python-decouple dependency, and minor improvements for AUTH pages.

Django User Profile - Open-source Django Sample, crafted by AppSeed
Django User Profile - Open-source Django Sample

Django DataTables

The codebase that provides an easy way to manage paginated information (in data tables) was updated to use the latest Django version, improved Docker,

Django Data Tables - Free sample, crafted by AppSeed
Django Data Tables - Free sample

🚀 Custom Development  

We decided to offer this service after getting many requests from the community for small customization and also fully-fledged products on top of the base starters.

👉 For more information, please access the official section
Custom Development Services - Provided by AppSeed

Thank you! For more resources, please access: